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What kind of photographer are you and what will my session be like?

I would describe my work as authentic, joyful and relaxed. My approach to photography is to capture you in a real way, celebrating your love and connection towards each other. Through simple directions, prompts and movements I will guide your family through a fun and laid back photography session that will produce joyful, authentic and emotive images. My sessions include lots of playing and interacting with each other. Most families are surprised at the end of the session saying how much fun they had!

I became a photographer because of my love for children and I want to capture them being entirely themselves. Laughter, joy, silliness and stillness. Everything should be remembered about them in this moment in time.

I do include photos with the entire family looking at the camera but my main focus is to capture your interactions and connections with one another. When you look at the ones you love instead of the camera, real magic occurs. The love we share with our family should always be remembered.


Where will my session be held?

Together we will choose the perfect location for your session. We can choose from urban locations, fields, parks, rivers or lakes. We can have a session at your home as well, as long as it has plenty of natural light available. 

What is the best time for my session? 

I hunt for beautiful light to create the best images for your family. My absolute favorite time to photograph is during the golden hour in the evening, which starts an hour or so before sunset. 

How long will my session be?

Sessions normally last around one hour.


Will I get the digital photos from my session?

Yes!  You will receive your digital files via a private online gallery for direct download within 2-3 weeks from the day of the session.

What should I wear?

Remember, the most important thing is to be comfortable!

  • Coordinate outfits but do not match: Pick a couple of colors and choose clothes that will fit in this color scheme. I normally suggest the mom to choose what she wants to wear and coordinate the rest of the family around her outfit. Or choose one family member's outfit that you really want to be in the photo and coordinate around it. 

  • Look at your home decor: Do you like bright colors, or do you prefer neutrals? If you are planning on hanging these photos on your walls then make sure they go with your home's color scheme.

  • Limit patterns: Pick only one or two outfits with subtle spots, stripes, plaids, flowers or textures. Not everyone in the photo should wear patterns as it distracts the final image.

  • Avoid clothes with characters and logos

  • Try to avoid all white or all black clothing: Detail in all black or white clothing can be easily lost

  • Match the style of your location: Keep in mind your location when you are picking out your outfits. Make sure your color scheme and wardrobe complement and not clash with the background. Make sure you choose outfits that add contrast instead of outfits that will make you blend into the background.

If you are stuck, I'll be more than happy to help! 



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